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People bring their vehicles to Shine Factory for a variety of reasons. Many have discovered that properly maintaining their vehicles makes good economic sense. By protecting this important investment you are maintaining a higher resale value. Other people simply enjoy the added pleasure of driving a clean and well maintained auto. Whether you are a purist, a value minded consumer, or just like a clean car we have services that will satisfy your needs.

At the Shine Factory we use only products that have been fully tested and proven to deliver outstanding results. They are the absolute best the industry has to offer.

Shine Factory continues to research and develop new products and techniques to accomodate the advanced paint technologies being introduced by vehicle manufacturers.

From basic cleaning services to fully guaranteed protection services we have the products and training to give your vehicle the treatment it requires. We would be pleased to provide you with a no obligation quote.
Engine Cleaning
A clean engine compartment is just another way to maintain your vehicle's value.

We will degrease the engine area and apply a protective coating. This will help keep everything in proper working order and of course it looks great!

This same treatment can also be applied to other areas such as the undercarriage and drivetrains for anyone restoring or maintaining a special vehicle.
Platnum Interior
Complete Interior Protection

A system that includes special treatment for the seats, arm rests, carpet, door panels, and dashboards.

Provides coverage against oil and water-based stains for fabric areas. Also, fading and discolouration of vinyl and leather.

Interior Warranty:
5 years (new) and 3 years (used)
No Annual Inspections
Odour Removal
Occasionally our vehicles can acquire some rather unpleasant odours. Long lost school lunches, a spilled coffee, even a visit from a friendly critter.

At the Shine Factory we have developed specialized methods for eliminating those nasty odours.
Platinum Rust Protection
Complete Rust Protection

Provides maximum protection against rust perforation from road salt and ocean spray!

Rust Perforation Warranty:
10 years (new) and 6 years (used)
No Annual Inspections
Platinum Protection
Total Protection

Platinum Shine: Warranty - 5 years (new) and 3 years (used)
Platinum Interior: Warranty - 5 years (new) and 3 years (used)
Platinum Rust: Warranty - 10 years (new) and 6 years (used)
Platinum Sound Shield: Warranty - 10 years (new) and 6 years (used)

Pro Package (Includes Surface Rust)
No Annual Inspection
About our Warranties
New Vehicle Definition: A 'new vehicle' to qualify for this warranty is defined as a vehicle not having exceeded 9600 km., and not more than 1 model year old.

Used Vehicle Definition: A 'used vehicle' to qualify for this warranty is defined as a vehicle not having exceeded 50,000 km., and not more than 3 model years old.

Please contact the Shine Factory for complete details on any of our warranties.

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